Bad Mood and How to Handle It

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It is utterly unpleasant when we have so many things to do, but suddenly, we are going off-track. Everything feels out of hand. That all we want to do is to be a couch-potato while bumming out ourselves in procrastination. Psychologists said it is a temporary state of mind or feeling that causes emotional instability, namely bad mood.

There are internal and external factors that trigger the mood to swing for many people. For me, it varies from time to time. Usually, when I have a bad morning, like waking up late, because of the terrible sleep at night, or anything I eat the day before, as well as the annoying behavior of others, it all triggers my bad mood. 

How Bad Mood Disturbs Our Inner Peace

At one time, I let it destroy my inner peace. I allow it to have a negative influence on the way I think, feel, or behave. Unintentionally I give my mood the power to control me.

Eventually, it led to extreme sadness. It rolls so bad that I can’t even think right, and I start to question everything in my life, which on good-mood days, is normal and on track, with the usual ups and downs like everyone else around the world. 

To the extent that it damages my mental health because sometimes it lasts for days, I learn how to break, to figure out what to do and how to control it.

Don’t Let Your Mood Affects Your Manner

I begin by learning what mood is, why it keeps changing, and why can’t we stay in a stable state of mind. So, I do what people do, such as having distractions and going out. 

Sometimes It works, by inviting close friends for a cup of coffee or chit-chat, it heals. However, it is not always the case. When my bad mood gets intensifies, I will want to do nothing or talk to no one. It already affects my behavior toward others.

Soothe the Brain

I believe the center of everything in our body is the brain, which sends good or bad signals to our nervous system. The brain controls what we think and what we feel, and the way we move and talk.

When the bad mood worsens, the brain is not relaxed, the nerves send us pressure. So, what I do to comfort the brain, is to fight back by doing the simple things below. 

I make drinks to relax the brain, like honey and lemonade with ice or coffee, and add soft music to the air, or just pure silence in case I want total solemn. Then I started to do a head massage with my favorite oil, of soft fragrance, mixing it with eucalyptus oil. 

And I begin to massage the scalp, the face, and the neck, the shoulder, sometimes with the help of a personal therapist. And also, my fingers. I have learned that fingers are related to the nervous system in any part of our body.

We Can Control our Brain

Not magically, but naturally, it works, and my mood improves. The brain feels the love and it sends back good signals to my body. My feeling and emotion are getting better. In that way, I have learned to console my emotion by communicating with the brain through simple massage.

Often time, the mood swing keeps coming back, and it is understandable, we can’t naturally stay in a stable state of mind, because humans are not robots. 

However, most importantly, it is our body and brain, and we are the operator of our brain system. It is agreeably okay to feel sad when we have something to be sad about, but adding the pain by overthinking is what the mood does.

Learning how to control our brain in a simple manner, is what we can do to maintain our sanity and mental health daily. 

Apri Abakar



  1. I love this. It is amazing, once you learn how to recognize our moods and the effect they are having, how taking time to pause, accept, and consciously work through to the other side. It is very impowering. Nice job.

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