How to Organize Our Day

Image by Dominic Hafbauer- Unsplash

I think this is the biggest hack of human’s daily life. How to organize our day, how to start, to live it hour by hour, and how it ends.

There are so many reasons why we fail it. Distraction is a very serious threat. 

Little things that look like does not matter may cause us to fall off the line, such as prolonging our bedtime, spending hours on social media, playing games, and watching stupid videos at the most valuable hours in the morning. 

For some people, weather and health issues such as insomnia are understandably the main hindrance. 

Everyone has a different style from dawn to dusk to maintain their daily planning setup. There is also time management of certain cultures and religions.

Moslems people like me divide time into three segments, a segment to work, a segment to rest, and a segment for worship, which is 8 hours each. 

Morning Sets the Rest of the Day

How we start in the first light of the day will set the tone for the day. Waking up late will surely ruin everything. If we fail it, the rest of the time will not be mentally qualitative, although it may still be productive. 

Most likely, when we start late, it seems like there are only a few hours left to settle everything. 

That forces us to rush with the time, with so many things to do, places to go, stuff to settle, and errands to run. 

We may manage to do it all at last, but in a disorganized style that causes us stress and frantic.

What An Organized Day Feels Like

Image by xvector on Freepik

As common sense, an organized day works perfectly when we start a bit early. Waking up at the same time as the earth begins to spin around for its daily rotation, we will get the best quality of air, and the bright morning sun. 

For me, I put the plan the night before by putting routine timing of sleep to give the body quality rest to start fresh in the morning.

Once the alarm rings, the first hour, will begin with a good shower, proceeding to top up my soul by connecting with God in prayer. Sip a hot-steamy cup of coffee, chew a little bread, and do a simple morning workout.

The next hour will be settling stuff, doing chores, or anything before I finally sit at my computer with my head full of satisfaction because I do not have anything to remorse. 

The rest of the day will feel smooth and easy. I am pleased that I have pulled a great setup and have not missed any valuable minutes. So, it is just the first few hours that matter to me. 

Consistency is The Key 

It does look easy, but the main problem with many people is when we lose consistency because of the many reasons I mentioned above. 

It upsets the plans that have settled. Maintaining a rhyme is not as simple as said. It requires constant reminders, serious endeavors, commitments, and consistency to motivate ourselves from the inside.

Good Things Happen When We Start to Stay Consistent

An organized day tastes like another day in heaven. It raised the quality of our life. Consistency is the key to fitting our healthy daily schedule. Repeat, do it as a behavior, turn it into a habit, and finally make it a lifestyle. 

By Apri Abakar


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